Make remote work, work.
Find a plan to suit your team with Yuzu Connect

Unlimited Virtual Workspaces
  • Fit up to 20 users
  • Create up to 9 breakout groups
  • Unlimited Time

Unlimited Meeting Rooms
  • Lock/Password Protection
  • Fit up to 100 users
  • Create up to 50 breakout groups
  • Unlimited Time

And More...
  • On Premise Deployment
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Single-Sign On
  • Company Branding
  • Custom Email Meeting Invites
  • Vanity URL

(Available Soon)
Pricing FAQ
What counts as a "host"?
A host has the ability to create Meeting Rooms in Yuzu. A normal user does not have the ability to create Meeting Rooms, but they can still join them. All users are able to join Work Rooms and Meeting Rooms.

Additionally, admins count as a host and are the only user type able to create and rename Work Rooms.
What is a "virtual workspace"?
A virtual workspace is an audio/video meeting room designed for teams to sit together as they work on their tasks. Think of this as the cluster of tables your scrum, marketing, sales, design, etc teams sit in if they worked in a physical office.

We recommend sitting in a workspace while you work to allow the free flow of communication that occurs in an open floor office.
What is the difference between Yuzu Connect and Yuzu Works?
Yuzu Connect is the software tool built purposely for teams to collaborate and communicate more effectively in a remote setting.

Yuzu Works is a consulting and advisory service to solve problems and provide opportunities for teams to build a strong remote culture. Companies can choose to opt in or out of Yuzu Works at anytime. Yuzu Works will often suggest the use of Yuzu Connect as it comes free with Yuzu Works and we built it specifically for communicating effectively for remote teams, but it is not required.
Where is the pricing for Yuzu Works?
Pricing for Yuzu Works is handled at a case-by-case basis. If you want to get in touch about how much Yuzu Works would cost for your team, then go here.
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